Baptism or Christening

A child of God

Church of England Covid-19 Guidance dated 25th September 2020 

Currently Baptisms/Christenings that take place outside of a regular worship service are required to follow the latest Government 'rule of six'.

This means that along with the ministers, only the candidate, their parent(s) and three Godparents can be present.

If you would like to discuss booking a baptism for your child under these current restrictions please contact

Our Children's Minister:

We would like to help you give thanks for your child and welcome them into God's family, the church.


At your child's christening or baptism, they are blessed by God and we pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon them.  Jesus himself was baptised in the river Jordan by his cousin John the Baptist and being baptised means that you formally begin your Christian journey. 

At the christening your child will receive a baptism certificate, a candle and a christening shawl.  

There is no charge for a christening but you are invited to make a donation.  The Godparents will also receive a certificate.  Godparents must be baptised and be Christians (of any denomination) as their role is to love and care for the child and to help them grow-up as a Christian. 


If you wish to have your child christened, fill in the above online Baptism registration form or email  

Once you have completed the registration form our Children and Families Minister will be in contact to arrange to meet with you.  The meeting will be to explain what happens during the service and to answer any questions you may have.  You will also be able to discuss arranging a date for the christening with us. 

Adult Baptism and Confirmation

Adults seeking Baptism and/or Confirmation will be offered a course of study looking at the basics of the Christian faith. If you are thinking about Baptism or Confirmation the best thing to do is to start worshipping with us and then contact the Parish Office.


The leaflets below will you give you more information.