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Eco Church: Community Organising


St Andrew's hosts a Repair Cafe

Re-cycling for the Community

Usually the third Saturday of the month 10am-12noon.  Bring along your broken items for our volunteers to have a look and repair or repurpose. 

Our Recycling Station

We are currently able to recycle your printer ink cartridges and milk bottle tops.  There is a recycling collection point at the back of church for you to leave your items.

printer ink.png
bottle tops.png

Toilet Twinning,

St Andrew's Church is working with Rugby Baptist Church to enable Rugby to become a Toilet Twinned Town, Emma Tiller is our town ambassador.  To do this we have to raise the profile of toilet twinning in the town and also twin a certain number of toilets - everyone can help. If you twin your toilet, be sure to mention Rugby Toilet Twinning. Rugby Toilet Twinning has a Facebook Page where you can find out more about what's happening. 


It is shocking to think that 2.3 billion people don't have somewhere safe to go to the toilet worldwide. This charity supports communities in the provision of toilets- a simple but hugely effective way of helping communities, reducing danger for young people and women, and reducing the spread of disease and illness. 

Rugby Toilet Twinning has run a number of events to raise money. St Andrew's raised money through the 2018 Christmas Tree Festival and the recent Clothes Swap Event. Our toilet block has been twinned and also the Rectory toilet and many toilets in the homes of congregation members. Have you done yours yet?


If you use our toilets, please pop a donation in the box so that we can raise money to help people worldwide. 

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