Cultural and Community Events

St Andrew's Rugby

St Andrew's Church is not just a religious building but also a cultural centre. As a church we are committed to offering a wide range of cultural experiences for the whole family. All of us who live or work in Rugby are aware that the town centre faces many challenges.  St Andrew's Church seeks to be part of the solution by maintaining and promoting our historic, iconic building as a place to visit, attend a concert, enjoy an art exhibition and more. 

St Andrew's Church is set within a peaceful garden, which contains a Garden of Remembrance and is well used by people seeking  a quiet place to eat their lunch or as a venue for the Rugby Food and Drink Festival and more.


Free Lunchtime Recitals every Tuesday. Click here to view the diary of recitals. 


EVENTS at St Andrew’s Church Rugby:  August to December 2019

General Points:   *  Enquiries to or 01788 565609    *Unless indicated ^ , events in church are mainly unticketed and free, with retiring collections   *The Ye Vagabonds Concert on 8th November is one more in a programme of concerts featuring outstanding Folk artists – watch this space for this St Andrew’s theme!


1st:         1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital (full programme still to be published)

3rd :        10-00 am:   June’s Chatterbox Tunes/2; and Baby Café Drop-in

4th:         10-00 am:   Gospel discussion group ;                                                                                                                                           7-30 pm:  Rugby Operatic Society, G & S Concert (tickets from Rugby Operatic Society or on the door)

8th :        1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital  -  Douglas Bruce (organ)

10th :      10-00 am:  June’s Chatterbox Tues /3; and Baby Café Drop in

11th :      10-00 am    Café Writers

12th :      Doors open 7-00 for 8-00 pm:  Concert with Ben Jennings and Veronica Rauchsuffova and Richard                        Scott  -  free with retiring collection

15th :      1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital -  Tony Bridgewater (piano)

17th :     10-00 am   June’s Chatterbox Tunes /4; and Baby Café Drop in

18th :     10-00 am   Gospel discussion group

19th :      12-30 to 3-00 pm:   Repair Café, bring your broken items and learn to mend them

22nd :     1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital (full programme still to be published)

24th :     10-00 am:  Baby Café drop-in (NO Chatterbox Tunes this week)

25th:      10-00 am:  Café Writers

28th:       (Warwickshire Schools Half-term this week)

29th :     1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital (full programme still to be published)

31st:      10-00 am:  June’s Chatterbox Tunes/5; and Baby Café Drop in



1st :         10-00 am:   Gospel Discussion group

2nd :        10-00 am to 1-00 pm:  Sustainable Saturday Market.                                                                          

5th :         1-00 pm:   Tuesday Recital  -  Julian Hellaby (piano)

7th :         10-00 am:   June’s Chatterbox Tunes /6;  and Baby Café Drop in

8th:          7-30 pm :   Ye Vagabonds – award winning folk duet (tickets available online or through the parish                     box office

8th :        10-00 am:    Café Writers

9th :        7-00 pm:   Rugby Philharmonic Choir with Jaguar/Landrover Brass Band (tickets from Rugby                                   Philharmonic)

10th :      6-00 pm:    Remembrance Day performance by St Andrew’s Choir: Durufle Requiem

12th :     1-00 pm: Tuesday Recital – Valentin Schiedermeier (piano)

13th :     5-45 pm:   Tree of Light with Rotary

15th :     10-00 am:   Gospel Discussion group                                                                                                               

16th :    12-30 to 3-00 pm:   Repair Café – bring your broken items and learn to mend them                 

17th :    Town Christmas Lights Switch-on – the church café will be open from 12.30pm

19th :    1-00 pm:   Tuesday Recital (full programme still to be published)

22nd :    10-00 am:  Café Writers

26th :     1-00 pm:   Tuesday Recital – Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz (soprano), Antoine Mitchell (piano)

28th :     Festival of Christmas Trees – set-up during the day, 6-00 pm Opening

29th  :   10-00 am:   Gospel Discussion Group



3rd :         1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital (Sandra Smith’s pupils)

6th:          10-00 am:   Café Writers

7th :        10-00 am to 2-00 pm:   Sustainable Saturday Market.                                                                                                             3-00 to 5-00 pm:  Film Show in church (‘Polar Express’)

10th :      1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital – Richard Dunster-Sigtermans (organ)                                                                                         7-00 pm:  Tree of Light Service

13th :      10-00:  Gospel discussion

14th :      7-30 pm:   Dutch’s ‘Big Help’ Concert

15th:       Lantern Parade and Community Carols

17th :      1-00 pm:  Tuesday Recital – Friday Singers and David King

20th:       9-00 am:   Lawrence Sheriff School Carols

22nd :     10-30 am:  Sunday Service celebrating the Eco-church award, with Bishop Christopher;                                            6-00 pm:  9 Lessons and Carols

23rd :      4-00 pm:  Christingle Service I

24th :      4-00 pm:  Christingle Service II

24th :     11-30 pm:  Midnight Mass, leading into Christmas Day services.

Amber Merrick-Potter can be contacted at:

Amber is our dedicated Events Manager. If you are interested in staging an event at St Andrew's, or hiring our church for an event or concert, please get in touch with Amber. Amber is normally available on Tuesdays and Thursdays on 01788 565609.