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An unfogettable day in an unforgettable church

A white dress, a long aisle, a friendly Vicar, friends and family, traditional hymns, bells - your dream church wedding can be realised here at St Andrew's. We will work with you to plan your special day just the way you want it. You don't have to be a church-goer to have a church wedding, but you do want God to be part of your marriage.  We look forward to welcoming you.


A wedding date cannot be confirmed before you've spoken to the Vicar and have paid a deposit. 

Making a Booking

There are the set legal fees, set by the Church of England, additional local fees with regards organist, vergers, flowers etc can be given on application. You can get married in your local parish church simply by virtue of the fact that you live in the parish, or your parents do, or you or they were baptised in the church. There are also other ways that you can establish a connection with a church that you want to get married in. Click here to find out more: Qualifying Connection Rules. 


To find out which parish you live in click here.


Marriage Preparation

A marriage preparation course, worked through primarily as a couple is also offered. It will help you think through expectations, personality types, assumptions and dealing with conflict. 


Banns of Marriage Application

If you live in the parish and are getting married elsewhere, you will need to have your banns read in the parish church. Contact the Parish Office to apply for your banns to be read. They will usually be read on the first three Sundays of the month two months before your wedding day. It is best to apply early so that there is enough time for your banns to be ready before the wedding. Most couples like to come and hear their banns being read and it is a chance for the priest to pray for all couples who come and to have your special moment together. 

Wedding Blessings

You may be having a civil marriage but wish to have your marriage blessed immediately after the civil service. If that is the case you can arrange to have your marriage blessed with us at St Andrew's. Unlike a wedding service you do not need to have banns read nor fulfill any other legal requirements.  Whatever the reason you can talk with the Rector to discuss a Blessing for your wedding. Contact the Parish Office to have a chat. 01788 568560  Fees table here. 


Renewal of Marriage Vows 

After 25 or 50 years (or less or more!) of married life some people think about renewing their marriage vows. If you want to do this in church, speak to the Parish Office. Fees table here. 


Thanksgiving for Marriage

There may be other reasons that you wish to come to church as a married couple to give thanks for your marriage: perhaps you have been through a difficult patch; maybe you wish to celebrate an anniversary; perhaps after a time of separation; whatever the reason, contact the Parish Office to chat through your requirements who will be very happy to assist and advise you.



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