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St Andrew's

The Parish of Rugby, St Andrew's

Church of England, Diocese of Coventry

St Andrew's Church is in the Rugby town centre, but our parish extends to Rokeby and the other way to Rugby station and beyond. A Church of England Church exists to serve the parish in which it sits, not just those who come to worship on Sundays. 

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St Andrew's parish contains within it the conventional district of St Peter/John. They have their own church and Priest in Charge, the Rev'd Sheila Bridge. If you live in the parish of St Andrew with Peter/John you can get married in either church. To visit the website of St Peter John's Church, click here.


Parish: Rugby St Andrew

Information - see the parish boundary on the map below.

Deprivation rank (1=most deprived, 12,519=least deprived)  5,092

Parish population 16,768

Parish number of occupied households 7,081

Area (square miles) 3.0

Population density (people per square mile) 5,627

% aged 0-4          7.1

% aged 5-17        17.2

% aged 18-29      18.6

% aged 30-44       22.8

% aged 45-64        22.1

% aged 65 and over   12.2


% White ethnicity   82.9

% Asian ethnicity   9.3

% Black ethnicity   4.3

% Mixed ethnicity   3.1

% Other ethnicity   0.4

% Christian    55.7

% Buddhist    0.5

% Hindu    4.1

% Jewish   0.0

% Muslim   3.3

% Sikh   0.5

% Other religion   0.5

% No religion   28.0

% Religion not stated  7.4

Parish local name  Rugby St Andrew

Parish legal name  Rugby St Andrew

Benefice  Rugby St Andrew with St Peter and St John

Deanery  RUGBY  Archdeaconry  COVENTRY

Information from - http://www.arcgis.com