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Supporting St Andrew's Church

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Did you know it costs over £12,000 a month to run

St Andrew's Church?



It costs over £12,000 a month to keep St Andrew's Church ticking over, once the parish share to the diocese, the insurance costs, heating and lighting and staff costs are met. We hope that you value what we do and want to get more involved from volunteering, to fundraising and to giving financially to support our work. Donations to the church can be made via the Donate Here button or QR code above, at the Parish Office by cheque/cash, or you could drop some money in our collecting box at the entrance to the church. You can give through CAF and Stewardship as well. We get the majority of our income from donations; it's wonderful to see how much people value the ministry of the church.


Without the gifts and hard work of our members, we could not reach out in love and care to the people that need it.  


Thank you for giving to our work. 

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FAQ 6 - How much should I give?


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