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Pastoral Care
Looking after you

We have a pastoral care team which helps the clergy with home visiting, home communions and the general pastoral care of members of the congregation. The Group is chaired by Joyce Woodings, a retired Social Worker and a St Andrew's Church Warden. If you know of anyone who lives within the parish and is unable to get to church for communion, please contact Joyce.

Our Home Communion Team takes monthly services at Te Hira, Granville, Farmer's Court and other local care homes and residences in the parish. If you would like a service arranged in your care home please contact Joyce Woodings. Our Team also work in close partnership with the Anna Chaplaincy Team in Rugby - Gift for Years. This is an ecumenical project Read more here.  Members of our congregation volunteer with Gift of Years and they provide an invaluable service to older people. 


At Christmas time a group visit the local retirement and nursing homes to sing carols and ring bells. Communion is taken regularly to a number of nursing homes in the parish. 


Lay Chaplains

We also have a team of Lay Chaplains who can be found in church Monday to Saturday supporting the work of the priests in the team. They are identified by 'lay chaplain' badges. Lay Chaplains are there to welcome, listen, chat and signpost people. They can also talk to you about your faith and pray with you if you wish. 


You may not need specific pastoral care, but perhaps would value the chance to gather in a friendly and good value cafe from time to time. Our friendly staff and volunteers are always ready to welcome you to our cafe. 

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