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Memorial Sculpture.png

In the Church’s Memorial, we have 3 beautiful sculptures shown in the adjacent Picture.

As you will see there are many empty spaces. These are to allow us to fit Memorial Plaques in memory of loved ones who have passed away. This is not just for people whose ashes are interred in the Garden, but for anybody from the Congregation or wider community who you would like to remember forever.

This is not only a lovely way to commemorate a loved one but also a valuable way to raise funds to support our Mission at St Andrews.

In return for your plaque, we request a minimum donation of £200. As this is a Donation, if you are a UK taxpayer, it is also possible for the Church to reclaim Gift Aid which will increase your donation by 25%.


If you would like more details, please contact:  Bryan Acford,

Or visit the Parish Office 

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