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What is Muddy Church?

We have been running Muddy Church at St.Andrew's since September 2018.  

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Muddy Church is a community of people that gather together to draw closer to God and each other,

by intentionally wandering and wondering outside.

We noticed early on that this was a wonderful way of deepening our connections with God, each other and the natural world.  

We were awarded two years of funding from Saltley Trust in 2019, to research and develop our Muddy Church.  

The hope was that we could start to share our experience and knowledge with other churches.

Our Muddy Church base is at 'May Blossom Farm'.  










Muddy Church UK is led by Lucie Hutson and is rapidly becoming a popular form of intergenerational worship

here in the UK and abroad.

 Muddy Church UK website and Facebook Group
















We made it we have twinned our Muddy Church Toilet and taps!


                             During our fundraising campaign we created a Tap Twinning Prayer Walk

Here To access a printable pdf. 



A Childhood Experience of Walking for Water



To Twin your own toilet and taps please visit:

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